How to set “tech limits” for your child

How to set “tech limits” for your child

Is your child addicted to gadgets all the time? Does he/she not know a world beyond computers or mobiles? Does he/she show no interest in playing outside?


Following are few says which will help with setting “tech” rules for your child


Do not set strict rules

Children have a habit of defying rules. They will try to do the very thing they have been asked not to. It can be called as “childlike curiosity”. This is why they need to be dealt with smartly.

Cutting down tech hours

If your child is spending 5 hours behind tech gadgets, then you cannot bring it down to 10 minutes instantly. You would need to reduce it gradually. A good way to start would be to reduce it by half an hour every week. As days progress, your child will get used to the new hours without even realizing that they have been actually reduced.

Spending more time with your child

There is no replacement for parent-child bonding. Teach them a new game, read them a story or simply sit with them. They will like it more than any gadget. Outdoor activities like gardening together are good ideas as well.

Don’t use gadgets as pacifiers

Never ever hand over a tablet or a phone to your child for calming him down. Gadgets aren’t meant to be pacifiers. Ask them why they are hyper and try to resolve the same. Make them sit down and talk in a calm, soothing voice.

Don’t allow gadgets everywhere

For example, you can choose to not allow gadgets inside your bedroom. Tell your child that it is for sleeping purposes only. Another place where gadgets should be barred from is the dining table. Also make sure to not install a TV in your or your child’s bedroom.






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