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Abused expolited and destroyed because I am a Dalit

Story of  London based scientist used and abused because of her caste My name is Pallavi, a Dalit daughter of India and this is my story.   Don’t believe the story about the “New India”.  India may be booming, it’s middle class expanding and there are opportunities galore for many millions. But if you’re the wrong gender and the wrong […]


Community trolls receive Prevention of Harassment Warnings – Justice at last!

The Harassment Warnings were issued to Rashmi Mishra, Minal Jaiswal, Manu Pillai and Sanjay Thanki after a two year campaign in which they spread poison through a number of Facebook pages that cater to Britain’s Indian migrant community. After 18 months of relentless lies, misinformation and abuse me and Indian Ladies in UK (ILUK), justice […]