Antibiotic abuse is real

Antibiotic abuse is real

Antibiotics are medicines meant for treating infections caused due to bacteria. They can be used for both animals and humans. However, there are some bacteria which can escape the clutches of antibiotics and survive.

What could be the cause behind this?

1) One cause could be resistance to antibiotics in humans.

2) Another cause could be that antibiotics are losing their effect.

This is happening because more and more humans are using antibiotics for trivial reasons. They are popping these medicines even when they don’t need it. So, the more antibiotics are used, the more bacteria is becoming resistant to them. It is pretty much like how cockroaches became immune against DDT.


Antibiotic abuse can be easily avoided by following some simple tips:

1) They should be taken only when they have been prescribed by a doctor

2) They should never be “saved for later” and taken on time

3) Taking the right dose of antibiotics is very important. If 50 mg of an antibiotic is prescribed, one should never take 100 mg of the same tablet.

4) Antibiotics shouldn’t be crushed or powdered. They should be taken whole.

5) They should never be shared with others

Antibiotics should never be taken for the following diseases or disorders

* Most forms of cough and cold

* Some types of ear infections

* Influenza

* Flu

* Bronchitis

* Common cold

* Gastroenteritis or stomach flu

* Sinusitis

* Hoarse or sore throats

How are people abusing antibiotics?

1) For getting quick relief. Sometimes patients go to the extent of pressuring their doctor for prescribing antibiotics

2) People are using antibiotics which were prescribed for something else. For example an antibiotic may have been described for dermatitis but the person is using it for skin rashes instead. Both the conditions are totally different and the latter doesn’t need antibiotics.

3) People are self-diagnosing their diseases on the internet and taking antibiotics on their own! European Antibiotic Awareness Day

Antibiotic abuse has become so severe that now there is a day dedicated to it. Public Health England conducts “European Antibiotic Awareness Day” on November 18th of every year.

According to a report by Public Health England, the consumption of antibiotics has gone up by 6% since the year 2010. The data covers antibiotics prescribed by both hospitals and GP-s. Along with the

increased consumption, the number of infections has also increased throughout England.

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