5 Beauty Benefits of Green Tea

Most people react to Green Tea with an “ugh” expression on their face.

Why this reaction?

Because Green tea isn’t as tasty as it’s red or black counterparts

However, that doesn’t mean that green tea isn’t beneficial! In fact, it offers the most benefits amongst all types of teas! You may not even have to drink it in order to attain its benefits!


It is simple. Read on.

Green tea as Face Wash

Make some green tea and let it cool down. When it cools down, pour some of it on your hand and splash it on your face. Then wash it off with some cool water.


This makes your face look fresh

Green Tea as Facial

Need to look radiant immediately and have no time for a facial? Green tea to the rescue! Take a tea bag and dip it inside some hot water. Then take out the tea bag and massage it on your face. Do this till it becomes cool.

Green Tea Toner

A homemade green tea facial toner can do wonders for your skin. Here is how to do it. Make some green tea and let it cool. Then pour it inside a container and close it with a lid. At night, take a cotton ball and dip it into the green tea. Then take it out and rub it on your face.


Green Tea Toner unclogs pores and prevents pimples

Now on to finally drinking some green tea

Drinking green tea daily is extremely beneficial for your skin.


Minimum two cups a day will brighten your complexion in no time.

Green Tea for hair

Wash your hair as you normally would. Then wash it again with some green tea. For maximum benefit, do it twice or thrice in a week


Promotes hair growth and treats dandruff

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