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Diary of a first time immigrant mum

Pregnancy for some is the most exciting phase of life whereas for others it can be daunting. It becomes more complicated when you are away from family and it is your first pregnancy. I had similar emotions when we (my husband and I) were pregnant for the first time. I am writing this section in […]

Inspire Justice

Indian bride used, abused and discarded by East London school teacher.

NRI abuser Kabir Jagwani of Cumberland School in East London.

Indian Ladies UK deals with a depressingly wide range of stories of abuse of women both here in the UK and in India on a daily basis – From the overtly physical domestic violence that leaves victims physically bruised and mentally scarred for life to more subtle mental and emotional abuse meant to deconstruct a […]

Life in UK

Farewell to BRP Cards from December 2024

By 2024, the United Kingdom will mark the end of an era with the discontinuation of biometric cards, also known as Residence Permit Cards, which have significantly enhanced security and convenience. As of December 2024, the UK government will cease issuing and using biometric cards, marking a significant change in identification methods. Here we explore […]


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