Mrs India UK – Empowerment or Exploitation?

#EXPOSED #MRSINDIAUK #BEAUTYPAGEANTSCAM If any of you ladies living in the UK after spending thousands of pounds participating in a beauty pageant are thinking only the most deserving candidate is getting the title then here is an audio recording of the founder of the pageant MrsIndiaUK ADITI GUPTA fixing the pageant with some guy called Tushar Dhaliwal for the international pageant where she is sending her ladies from Mrs. India UK. You women are not someone any of these pageant organisers are empowering…you women are #BAKRAS who are becoming someone’s bread and butter, they are empowering themselves through your money that u or your partners have earned giving your blood and sweat! What a shame! The Indian women who have left their home, family, country, friends and moved to the UK, who are probably stay at home mums with no friend circle, are bored, going through mid life crisis are being targeted to fall into this beauty pageant TRAP! #WAKEUPCALL for all those who think this is empowering in anyway! Stop making these fraudsters rich! Instead do something that will really change someone’s life where you really feel like a winner like a queen and people applaud you without wearing any crown or sache. These fraudsters are flourishing only because of innocent naive people like you who fall into the trap! Last year we exposed Rachanaa Jain’s pageant Mrs. Asia UK. She was also a participant in Mrs. India UK…Its a big SCAM, just to get your money. They not only charge to participate but also to fill their halls forcing everyone to buy tickets, make women sign 50 page contracts threatening of legal actions and most women don’t speak up due to fear of legal implications! STAND UP and UNITE to raise your voice if any injustice has happened to you, contact me or report it but do something about it and raise awareness so this kind of EXPLOITATION should STOP! All the winners from the past have no meaning..after listening to this audio, I cannot but think how much money they must have paid for their crowns! Any lady who has tried to raise her voice has been asked to shut up or face legal actions…many had approached us but had no evidence..We are now in possession of many audio of which is this that shows the clear intention of the organiser where she is using vulnerable women only as Business deal!!!
I have also heard that this lady threatens contestants saying High Commission of India is with her and that she will destroy anyone who will speak against her, I can assure you HCI does not endorse anyone and they don’t have the power to punish any Indian living abroad even if they have committed the most serious crime. So please don’t believe any bullshit or fake threats. #EMPOWERMENTorEXPLOITATION ?

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