Cornwall – Heritage mixed with pleasure

 Cornwall – Heritage mixed with pleasure

Cornwall is located to the South-East of England and is home to towns like Falmouth, NewQuay, Penzance and Truro. The county is well known for its beaches as well as for its numerous food festivals. It is also the site of various ancient stone monuments and secret, small valleys!

Unending coastline

Cornwall’s coastline is 300 miles long and is completely accessible by foot. Its coastline is defined by old creeks and medieval harbours. Popular water sports like surfing are available on most of the north-coast beaches.

When to go there

The best time to visit Cornwall is during the months of September and October. June and July are dry and warm whereas August could be wet and damp. September is the best month for visiting Cornwall because the crowd is much less, accommodation is much cheaper and food festivals take place during this time.

How to get there

High speed trains run from Paddington Station to Cornwall on a regular basis. Please Contact 0345 700 0125 for more information on train fares and timings.

Time taken: Less than five hours

By air

Flights for Cornwall take off from Gatwick and Manchester airports on a daily basis. Additional flights are added between the period of March to October at Belfast, Birmingham, Newcastle, Dublin, London Stansed and Dusseldorf airports.

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Where to stay                                 

The Drifthood Hotel

The Drifthood Hotel is one of the best accommodation options in Cornwall. The rooms are adequately “Cornish” and are adorned with pebbles and bleached wood. The hotel’s decked terrace is always open and offers magnificent views of the bay. Sitting on the terrace, eating breakfast on a warm summer morning, you might even get to spot a whale! The in-house restaurant offers a sumptuous menu.

Lamorna Cove Hotel

Although the name says hotel, it is actually 13 self-catered apartments. There is a spa, an outdoor pool and a restaurant serving quality seafood. The apartments are located in a secret valley and are surrounded by beaches like Porthcurno and Sennen. While the former is great for a walk on the beach, the latter is amazing for doing some surfing. The hotel staff is very friendly and helpful.

The Hotel and Extreme Academy        

This was formerly known as the “Old Watergate Bay Hotel”. It is located just five minutes away from the Newquay airport. The hotel has been renovated and the “Extreme Academy” has been added. The academy offers all kinds of water sports. The suites are well-equipped, there are play areas for children and there is also a lounge for relaxing. There is also a bar, served by waiters in all-white attire. There are two suites especially meant for “romantic couples”.

The Scarlet Hotel

The Scarlet Hotel is an eco-friendly hotel with roofs which are made up of rocks and sea thrift. The hotel houses an infinity pool which seems to be merging with the sea. There is also an indoor pool consisting of two big red hot tubs. On the ground floor of the hotel, there is a spa which specializes in offering “Ayurvedic” massages. There are a total of 37 rooms, varying from small to very big. Although the name says Scarlet, the hotel is mostly “green” in its approach. The idea of the hotel is to merge with its surroundings and it does that successfully.

Top Attractions

St Micheals Mount

This is a monastery which was built during the medieval times. Now it is home to the family of St Aubyn’s. The monastery has been restored and is used for portraying 17th century life on the Mounts. It is open from 11 am to 2 pm only on Tuesdays and Fridays, from February to March.

Bedruthan Steps

The Bedruthan Steps have been a popular attraction for over a century now. They are a series of rocks or “steps” which have gotten separated from the mainland because of constant erosion. The legend behind this attraction is very interesting. It is said that there was a giant named Bedruthan who used these “steps” as a shortcut to the bay.The rocks are always changing in character because of the constant pounding of the sea and make for a beautiful view.

Porthcurno – Small Wonder

As mentioned before, Porthcurno is a beach. It might be small but it attracts thousands of visitors because of its beauty. The sand is white and the sea is a clear blue at the Porthcurno beach. This small but significant area played a big role during World War 2. A submarine cable station here used to pass on important info. A tunnel was built for protecting the station and can be still seen today.


The Men-An-Tol is easily one of the most recognizable ancient monuments in Cornwall. The monument consists of four stones, out of which one is a rock with a hole and the other three are pillars. Two of the pillars stand straight while one has fallen. The stones date back to the Neolithic ages although it is said that the arrangements of the stones have changed since.

The Merry Maidens of Boleigh

The Merry Maidens of Boleigh is a circle made up of nineteen ancient stones.  It is said that the stones standing here were live humans once!

The story goes something like this:

The circle of stones was actually a group of young girls who were turned into stones. Why? They were punished because they chose to dance on the day of Sabbath!

Today, as you go there and stand amidst the stones and recall the story, it sends a chill down your spine.

Food Festivals

The Great Cornish Food Festival

The Cornish Food Festival takes place in Turro and stalls line the roads on both sides serving delicious Cornish food. Stages are also set where chefs show off their skills. The festival takes place from September 26th to 28th.

Newquay Fish Festival 

A food festival which celebrates seafood, the Newquay Fish Festival takes place from September 12th to 14th.

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