Indian mother of a British child has equal rights as the British father.

Many Indian women on Indian passports with British kids, married to British citizens suffer domestic violence and live in fear thinking they have less right on their child because they have an Indian passport. This is the fear their abusers put in them.

Its WRONG! Mothers have equal right on the child regardless of what nationality they are. Some women also fear after being taken to India and dumped along with the child that the child will be snatched or removed because the child is British and mum is not. They are also given the impression that the husband may cancel their dependent visa and she will be asked to leave and may have to leave the British child behind.

Indian Ladies UK advises all mums to NOT let go of your child at any cost. Rights are absolutely the same for everyone in the UK and India. In fact in India, the law favours a mother more if the child is under the age of 5.

In the UK A mother automatically has parental responsibility for her child from birth while the father has parental responsibility if his name is mentioned in the birth certificate and if he is married to the mother.

The mother can continue to remain in the UK, even if the father of the child cancels her visa as a dependent. The mother of a British child can apply for a Parent of a Child Visa – UK. They can apply to come to, remain in or become permanently settled in the UK if the child is British or is settled in the UK.

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