Young Ojas Tiwari joins exclusive club by achieving maximum score in Mensa IQ test.

A young British Indian boy from Kent has achieved the highest possible score in the IQ test conducted by Mensa, the world’s oldest and largest IQ society.

Ojas Tiwari’s score of 162 puts him in the top 1% of those who sit Mensa’s IQ test paper, joining luminaries such as Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein.

11-year-old Tiwari sat for the test in the summer and has since also won a place at the prestigious St Olave’s Grammar School in Orpington, Kent.

Ojas’ father is an IT consultant for the investment bank BNP Paribas while his mom is a housewife. The family live in Bromley.

Mom Deepti, a proud member of Indian Ladies in UK, said that Ojas had shown a keen interest in astronomy from a very young age, consuming documentaries and books about the subject. He also developed a love of solving maths problems.

And like any young boy, he had a love for toys and play but ones that required a little more skill and mental dexterity than his contemporaries – from Lego technic toys and the Rubik’s cube to dismantling and putting back together different types of machines.

He also has a love for Tennis and is learning to play the Piano and also has a activism streak in him – being as he is concerned about the effects of smoking and drinking on people’s health.

Such a rounded intellect is vital if one is to be successful at the Mensa test.

The test is divided into two sections that measure an individual’s all-round mental capabilities. The first asseses comprehension while the second is largely diagrammatical.

With his score of 162, Ojas joins the galaxy of 1500 celebrities and celebrated scientists who have been invited to become members of Mensa.

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