Nail Care

How to take care of your nails ?

Nails are one of the most overlooked parts of our body. They are not paid much attention to, except maybe when they need to be painted.

Following are a few simple tips for keeping nails at their best condition

Fingernails should always be clean and dry


Clean and dry fingernails don’t have bacteria growing under them. Dirty fingernails attract all types of bacterial growth. Wet fingernails (happens when there is constant contact with water and not just one time) can lead to split fingernails. This means that the nails may break off frequently before they can even grow. It is a good idea to wear gloves while using water if you have to do it frequently. For example, if you work at a restaurant or a café.

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies and weak nails

Weak fingernails are almost always an indicator of mineral and vitamin deficiencies. Other causes include thyroid disease and anemia. It is a good idea to get yourself checked for these if your nails are constantly weak. Unless the underlying reason is treated, the nails will remain so. Adding a multivitamin to your diet can do wonders for your nails.

Moisturize your nails

Moisturizers aren’t meant for the face only. They can be also applied to nails. Applying olive or argan oil is also a good idea. This helps with protecting the nails from breaking and splitting.

Nail polish/nail paint/nail removers

Always use nail paint/nail polish from reputed brands on your nails. Don’t keep the nails painted at all times. Give them a breather sometimes.

Choose a nail polish remover which is free from acetone. The latter is known for making nails brittle and weak.

Hand sanitizers are tough on nails

Use hand sanitizers only if you have to. Most of them are alcohol based and dry out the skin if used repeatedly. The same happens to the nails. The alcohol contained inside the sanitizer makes the nails weak and dehydrated.

Take a biotin supplement

Biotin can help with strengthening weak nails. Other supplements which do the same include Omega 3, zinc, folic acid, iron and calcium.



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