Indian Ladies UK represent distressed Indian women in the UK at PBD conference chaired by Sushma Swaraj

Poonam Joshi of Indian Ladies UK was invited to be part of the 4th PBD round table conference held at the Pravasi Bharatiya Kendra in New Delhi on the 5th May 2018.

Indian Community Organisations Working for Indian Nationals in Distressed Situation’.

It was chaired by Hon. Minister of External Affairs Mrs. Sushma Swaraj and attended by many other officials from the ministry.

The panelists were invited from different countries of the world who highlighted different issues Indians face abroad.

11 Delegtaes represented mostly GCC countries where the conditions and safety of the blue collared workers is a huge issue.

11 Delegtaes representing Indian communities from different parts of the world

Others were representing Australia, New zealand, USA and UK.

While most other countries highlighted the issues of Insurance for visiting elderly people, medical insurance for the students, help during Natural disaster, UK was the only country which highlighted the abuse of women which is shockingly on the rise.

Indian Ladies in UK has handled over 1100 cases of abandonment and abuse since its inception. Educated men are abusing educated women  after bringing them to the UK on a spouse visa.

There is a set pattern to each and every case and this means these men have access to some website or forum that’s advising them to carry out their crimes.

Most problematic areas are Telangana and Andhrapradesh where people are willing to sell everything to get their daughters married to an NRI grooms and these men are so greedy that they  want to milk every penny out of these women and the moment woman raises her voice she is dumped.

Thanks to the British system that’s allowing this kind of abuse to take place due to its flawed visa regulation.

Even right now we are in touch with at least 8 Indian women who have been tricked to go to India and the husband has snatched the travel documents such as Passports and BRP cards and traveled back to the UK.

Its surprising that the UK govt is turning a blind eye to this issue. Police has no training or knowledge on issues like dowry that are unique to our community for which our women are abused. They constantly ask for evidence such as scars while most of these  abuses are psychological, mental and emotional.

Mrs. Sushma Swaraj addressed each and every issue and assured that Indian Govt will do everything to help its citizens and thanked the Community organisations abroad who have played a crucial role in helping Indians in distress.

The same panel will be invited back to attend the PBD which will be held in Varanasi in Jan 2019 where they will get an opportunity to have a discussion with the NRI’s visiting from abroad.

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