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    For an Indian child born in the UK to have an Indian passport, the child must be to be registered as an Indian citizen before a passport can be applied, the application to register the birth of a minor child must to be made online via the website of Ministry of Home Affairs.

    The child should have a full UK birth certificate before the birth can be registered at an Indian mission.

    Step 1:
    1. Go to
    2.Register by clicking on “Register” Link
    3. Login with the registered login ID and Password on “User Login” link
    4. In the Applicant Home Page, click on Select the option “Registration of birth of a minor child at an Indian Consulate under Section 4(1) of the Citizenship Act, 1955” to register the birth of your child.”
    5. Complete the form (take note of the temporary application number above, so that you can revisit and update the application later)
    6. Upload the baby’s photo (don’t worry about the background) or signature (size should be as mentioned in the requirement section)
    7. Once you submit it, you will get a MHA File No, note down this number
    8. Now, upload the other documents (Parents passport, baby birth certificate, marriage certificate)
    9. Print the application
    10. Download and complete the declaration form, needs to be completed & signed by both parents.

    Book the appointment for submitting the form to the High Commission of India … eUVLcp3A4=

    Step 2: Visit HCI on your scheduled appointment date. Take the below documents with you for your appointment. All documents except for the application form must be self attested by both parents.

    Document Checklist:

    1. Application MHA form U/s 4(1)
    2. Declaration form signed by both parents. (Photo of mother & father has to be pasted here)
    3. Passport copies of both parents (Original & copy)
    4. Visa copies of both parents (Original and copy)
    5. Passport photo of Baby / Father / Mother
    6. Address proof (license, council tax bill or any other utility bill)
    7. Marriage certificate (original & Copy)
    8. UK Birth certificate of the baby (Original & Copy)
    9. In case one of the parents’ is holding any other nationality/passport, a letter is required from the concerned Embassy/ High Commission stating that the child does not hold that countries nationality.
    10. Both the parents are required to sign on the passport application form of the child and the signatures should match with that on their current passports. Thumb impression of the child may be provided at the relevant place of signature of applicant.
    11. Next day delivery registered postal cover (if you don’t want to collect in person)
    12. Fee (carry exact change)
    13. One parent is enough to submit the application (baby is not required)
    14. You should receive the birth certificate in 10 working days, if there is any issue, they will contact you via email.

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