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COVID Stories 2 – Extraordinary tales of dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic

What extraordinary times we are living through. A generation grown up learning about and studying stories about World Wars, Cold Wars and Great Depressions are now living through a catastrophe of global proportions decimating lives and communities. Just like during previous catastrophes, it is individuals, and most definitely not governments – with a few exceptions […]


UK High Court dismisses NRI teacher Kabir Jagwani’s attempt to silence journalist and campaigner Poonam Joshi.

NRI abuser Kabir Jagwani of Cumberland School in East London.

The High Court on Tuesday (22 October) dismissed an application for an interim injunction in a defamation case brought against the London-based journalist and campaigner Poonam Joshi also known as Poonam Joshi Alles. The case was brought by Kabir Kumar Manohar Jagwani – an assistant head teacher at Cumberland School in East London – over […]


A chance is all a woman needs – ILU’s helps reunite a mother and son abandoned by NRI husband

From Trump to Brexit by way of Boris Johnson, the Straits of Hormuz and extreme weather caused by climate change, good news is in short supply at the moment. The eternal optimists will say that it is the sort of time when we should focus on the small victories and celebrate the silver linings. And […]