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#VISASCAM HOW MANY MORE INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS WILL SUFFER AT THE HANDS OF FRAUDSTERS APPROVED BY THE HOME OFFICE???? Since the UK Asian did the students visa fraud story where approximately 80-90 Indian students were defrauded by ALPESH PATEL, 100’s of students have come forward. One is such victim who remains to be anonymous has shared her PAINFUL story. We have seen the proof . “Does anyone know this person who is allegedly defrauding students taking their money in the name of getting them a visa.

Future Vision Consultants

Here is the story: I am a victim of fraud case by future vision consultants. It’s a consultant company for students services . I took his service to extended my visa after completing my MBA as a PhD student for further study but he took my 8k and didn’t give me. And he abuse me and threatening me because I was a international student. I did complain to police . They said it’s a civil case so didn’t do anything . Then I complain to action fraud and after 1 year they also said we can’t do anything . Which is more painful. Then I decided to go court it’s take 2 years but I win my case .


Now this person who is from Pakistan his name is MR. TAQUEER YOUSAF QURESHI and his 2 son ASAD QURESHI, ARSLAN QURESHI and their daughter MARSAL QURESHI who are involved in fraud. Keep changing their address and didn’t pay me any single pence back. Even they trying to close the company as soon as possible so they never need to pay my money. I am asking your help because you are uk Asian representatives. I try to take help with all leading uk newspaper and radio tv channels but they refused me. Because of his fraud I got 3 years gap in my study my life is stop and I am facing finical difficulties and visa difficulties.”

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