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Harmony with Hormones

Have you ever wondered if you had any magic wand which you could just twirl and make a wish? We wish that all the time, don’t we? We women always carry with us a wishful list consciously or subconsciously. Be it for children, husband, in-laws, parents or siblings, we are on a constant wishing spree. […]

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Indian origin Oxbridge researcher absconds justice after allegations of domestic abuse

Amit Tiwari Cambridge

An Indian-origin researcher at Cambridge University has been accused of a horrific series of abuse against his Indian wife of 6 years. According to a First Information Report (FIR) filed in the town of Kashipur, northeast of New Delhi, Amit Kumar Tiwari, 35, is accused of the physical, emotional and mental abuse, coercive control and […]

Life in UK

Relief For India

India currently is going through the most challenging times in the recent history. People are not dying of draught or a famine but of oxygen as a result of second wave of Covid-19 which has engulfed at least 18 million people all over India. 200,000 are already dead. As NRI thousands of mile away from […]