Meet the coolest Indian Bride

Think of an Indian bride and what comes to mind is a shy, coy, covered in a ghoonghat.  The trend is slowly changing, we see more brides at ease, smiling and conversing on their wedding day. We have even seen a few recently entering their own wedding ceremony dancing their heart out!

But this particular bride caught our eye as she tops the list of all the coolest and boldest Indian Brides list ever. This badass bride is called  Amisha Bhardwaj totally at easy, enjoying her ‘getting ready’ session with her girl gang singing Cheap Thrills.

Take a look at the amazing video:

Now who would have imagined an Indian bride looking super hot, wearing choli and chooda with her shorts and kaala chashma and grooving her way as she gets ready in a video shot by CoolBluez Photography.

The concept of bride chilling with her girl gang is superb and refreshing and video has gone viral,  Pawandeep Singh, the owner of CoolBluez Photography said:

“She wanted something cool, quirky and out of the box. We thought that a video of a bride dancing to a fun, peppy number with her bridesmaids will be cool. Cheap Thrills by Sia seemed to be the perfect pick. Amisha is a confident girl and she performed flawlessly.”  

Amisha has become an overnight star, surprised at her wedding video going viral, Amisha said:

“I never imagined that people would go crazy about it. We shot it while I was getting ready and waiting for my bridegroom, Pranav, who was late. I was super angry, as it was a beachside wedding and I wanted it to be perfect. My videographer suggested that we dance to kill time. I didn’t know that the video would be so cool. I’m getting friend requests and messages from people across the world. But the best compliment came from my husband. He said he is proud of me because I am so bindaas.”

The best part is that her husband and her in laws have loved her bindaas attitude and have appreciated her video.

Amisha said: “My in-laws are also going crazy about it. They have been complimenting me and sharing the video with friends.” 

Amisha’s video could be an icebreaker and could change the norms of the society for upcoming brides to be.

One of the viewer commented “Can’t get enough of watching this video… again and again… it’s really superb and the bride is undoubtedly gorgeous and amazing. Would love to take this concept for my wedding as well!”

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