Henna for healthy and silky hair

Henna being a good nourishing conditioner makes hair look smooth and beautiful. A regular and direct application of henna helps keep dandruff and itchiness away.

How to use henna without making a mess

Applying henna isn’t like applying hair colour. It can get messy because henna’s texture isn’t smooth. Following are few tips for getting it right

How to make henna:


Henna powder

Acidic liquid (Tea, coffee, lemon juice)

How to make it:

1. Mix the powder and the liquid together. Keep on mixing till you achieve a texture like that of yoghurt.

2. Cover the mixture and put it aside

3. Keep it at a warm place for at least 12 hours

4. After the time period is over, transfer the mixture to a plastic packet or a bottle

Before you begin:

Henna stains the skin. Apply Vaseline on your neck and around your ears to prevent staining.

The following items are needed for application

1. Bowl

2. Old towel

3. Gloves

4. Brush for application

5. Warm water

6. A shower cap

The process:

1. Sit at one place and start from the top of your head

2. Moisten the hair just a bit

3. Mix the henna with the warm water

4. Take small portions of your hair and apply henna from the roots to the top

5. As you go on applying, wind the portions alternatively which you are applying henna to. If you are winding one portion anti-clock wise, then wind the next portion clock-wise. Pile up the portions on top of the head

6. After you finish, wear a towel or a shower cap on the head

7. Keep the henna for a minimum of one hour and then wash it off with warm water

Dos and don’ts

* Do not wash your hair for at least a day after applying henna

* You can put some olive oil on your hair before using the henna

* Do not use henna if you suffer from breathing problems. The pungent odour of henna can be difficult for you to take.

* Do not wash your hair for a minimum of 12 hours before applying henna

* Wash out the henna with the help of a conditioner. Any residue of henna will make your scalp itchy

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