British Indian woman becomes first to drive solo from Lands End to John O’Groats.

A London-based legal executive today set a record as the first woman ever to drive solo in one day from north to south of the UK – not to mention becoming the first ever Indian to undertake such a challenge.

Bharulata Kamble completed the gruelling 1407-km journey from Lands End in southwest England to John O Groats in northeast Scotland in a day, in commemoration of 70 years of Indian Independence.

Mrs Kamble, the first Indian to hoist the Indian tricolour in the Arctic Circle, also planted her country’s flag in the northern and southern extremities of the UK.

On 16th August she departed from Land’s End at 8.35am to John O’ Groats, covering the distance of approximately 1410 kilometres non-stop in 14 hours 33 minutes reaching at 11.08pm.

For the first time in history of UK, she hoisted the Flag of India at John O’ Groats on 17th August, creating a history of Indian flag being hoisted at John O’ Groats (north most point of UK).

She proceeded to Durness toward the north west extending her trip slightly and is now heading back down south. By the end of her journey, she would have covered a staggering 3300 kilometers in just four days.

Bharulata’s journey took in some of the most scenic parts of the United Kingdom, taking in Cornwall, Dartmoor, the Welsh border, the Lake District and of course the dramatic landscapes of Scotland.

The final 400 kilometers from Perth to John O’Groats is made up of some of the most challenging B-Roads in Britain.

Whilst the trip commemorated 70 years since India was granted Independence from Great Britain, it also served a greater purpose – raising awareness on the issue of Girls Education, specifically Bharulata’s ‘Save Girls, Educate Girls’ campaign which aims to mobilize Non-Resident Indians to act as “brand ambassadors” to influence their countrymen in India to support and advocate education for girls.

“The issue of the empowerment of the girl child is an issue very close to my heart. But I think we must also strive to continually empower ourselves throughout our life – go out, get active, have adventures and push yourself to your limit. It’s an amazing way to discover yourself. And once you discover yourself, you become a huge asset not just to your family but wider society as well.

Bharulata’s long way up through the United Kingdom, whilst an ardous trek, pales in comparison to her previous exploits, which include traversing through 32 different nations in a UK to India road trip.

For more information on Bharulata’s exploits and her education campaign, visit

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