Benefits of Amla: Lose weight, protect your eyes and get lustrous hair!

Amla or amlaki(meaning nectar of life), is truly a super-food. It is 17 times richer in antioxidants than a pomegranate and has more vitamin C than an orange. Known in English as the Indian Gooseberry, Amla offers lots of benefits for skin, hair and body. The green humble looking fruit also helps with losing weight!

Losing weight with Amla

Very few people are aware of the weight-loss benefits offered by Amla. It contains protein which helps with fighting unnecessary food cravings. Drinking a glass of Amla juice before lunch or dinner can keep you full for much longer and make you eat much less. Amla is also great for boosting the metabolic rate of the body, which helps with faster digestion and better calorie absorption. The high fiber content of Amla helps with relieving conditions like constipation. The same can also help with a bloated stomach! So, the next time you feel bloated because of gas or indigestion, reach for an Amla and not an antacid.


Amla can protect eyesight and prevent cataracts. Drinking Amla juice with a little bit of honey can help with improving vision. As mentioned above, Amla is very rich in antioxidants which protect the body against free radicals. The latter is responsible for conditions like cataract and many other diseases/disorders. The antioxidants contained in Amla fight these free radicals and protects the eyes eyes. Drinking Amla juice every day can prevent conditions like macular degeneration. The latter is the leading cause of vision loss worldwide and cannot be cured.

Amla for hair

We are all aware of hair oils containing Amla. However, fresh Amla juice is more beneficial than these hair oils.

Here is how to do it:

1) Apple the juice directly onto the scalp

2) Massage it gently

3) Let it stay for an hour

4) Wash hair with a mild shampoo

Amla can help with growing thick, lustrous hair. It can also help with hair breakage. Lack of Vitamin C is one of the reasons behind hair breakage. Regular application of Amla juice on the hair can help with repairing this.

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