Advertise with us is the official website of Indian Ladies in UK (ILUK), a 27,000-strong community made up of first generation migrant Indian women in the United Kingdom. ILUK is the largest such community group in Britain and is made up of migrant Indian women from across the Indian sub-continent who represent the full socio-economic spectrum. Thank you for being part of this most amazing and exciting journey.

The website aims to reach out to a wider group of women through its articles. From working women to new mums, from home makers to aspiring business women. We have CLASSIFIEDS section for Service providers that will help other women find services like Cooks, Cleaners, Nannies, tailors, tutors etc locally. We have a SHOP section where women selling physical items like clothing, jewellery, Shoes, handbags etc can sell their goods to a wider audience. We have custom made packages which are exclusive to our members. We have different rates for any outsider wanting to advertise. JOB section will help ladies find work. CHIT-CHAT is a section where u can anonymously ask questions and discuss wide range of topics.

ILU runs purely on the support of its members. In order to be able to continue our services for the community we need everyone’s support. Your support will help us do something back for our motherland India, Help the vulnerable women here and also help run this website and the group that has so far connected 25K of us.



CLASSIFIEDS: For all business service providers working solely or as a team of two such as Mobile beauticians, Tiffin service, caterer, cleaners, cooks, nannies, tutors etc. This will also enable you to advertise your services on ILU facebook group twice a week which is Wednesdays and Saturdays between 8am-8pm. This offer does not apply to someone working solely and selling products. Only those who provide services. 

  1. QUARTERLY – £30
  2. 6 MONTHLY – £60
  3. YEARLY – £100

 CLASSIFIEDS LISTING WEBSITE ONLY: FREE, you can list your services on website in the classifieds section for one whole year.

 This does not include advertising on ILU’s social media platforms.

SHOP: For members selling physical goods like clothing, jewelry, shoes, handicrafts etc. This gives you the option of having your own online shop on ILUK website where you can run it independently by uploading your products and selling to customers directly from the website just like Amazon and Ebay. The customer will pay the money directly to you and you will need to ship the products to them.  You can to advertise your products on our social media platform Facebook twice a week which is Wednesdays and Saturdays between 8am-8pm.

  1. QUARTERLY – £70
  2. 6 MONTHLY – £120
  3. YEARLY – £200


ONE DAY ILU FACEBOOK GROUP ADVERTISING ONLY – £5 per day enables you to advertise your products on ILU facebook group any day of the week between 8am-8pm.


Banner Advertisements Website and FacebookPictures of your company name will be displayed on the banner of your choice.

Top Banner – £100/Month – £200/ Quarter

Side Banner 400X350 – £50/Month – £100/Quarter

Mid Banner / Specific Sections – £50/month



£150 which will give a featured article on our website ( Where we will write about you and your business and the products you sell)  + 1 month of side banner advertisement and will be shared on our social media.


EVENTS LISTING (Website and Social Media): FREE