by Shilpam
Published: January 21, 2018 (11 months ago)


Hello everyone,

Welcome to Desi Flavorz !!!

We are a homely kitchen for a decade now thought to share our love with you all through our authentic home cooked food. We shall bring you a huge variety of fresh & delicious vegetarian only dishes from all parts of india. The passion for cooking has been always an art for me rather than a duty for my family & would like to present the same to serve you with finger licking & scrumptious food.

We emerging as a small household catering company would love to provide homely taste for your parties, get togethers, events or any occasions from simple Dal & Aalu to exotic varieties of Paneer & Koftas etc. The food is made with the blend of authentic spices which shall leave you mesmerized.

So for all your future hunger pangs, Desi Flavorz is just a call / message away.

Looking forward to share our love for food with you.


Plz “like” our page on Facebook also.

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